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Ultra Bike 2x2

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The most passable electric vehicle. Has positive buoyancy. The standard equipment differs from the basic one in the presence of an inverter generator with a capacity of 900 watts. Standard battery capacity of 1.6kWH

  • Specifications

    2 x 1kw motors
    Max speed: 50km/h | 30mph
    15-30amp alloy fast charger
    1.6kWh Capacity Lifepo4 battery
    2x2 Bike rear suspension
    Fuel tanks in wheels.

  • Dimensions

    Weight excl. power supply: 60.7kg | 133lbs
    Height: 1,040mm | 41”
    Seat height: 750mm | 29”
    Width (handlebars): 820mm | 32.3”
    Length: 2,100mm | 82”
    Wheelbase: 1400mm | 55”

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Ultra Bike 2x2

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